Port Sanibel Marina


VIDEO: The History of Sanibel Island

Beyond Sanibel’s beautiful beaches, fantastic fishing, sea-shell covered shores and leisurely island lifestyle is its rich history. The historical fact we are most proud of here at Port Sanibel Marina is that the Silver King Tarpon was first caught in the gulf, just miles from Sanibel Island. To learn more historical facts about the island […]

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Remembering Esperanza Woodring for Women’s History Month

Can you imagine dredging through Florida’s steamy summer months with NO air conditioning, insect repellent or sun screen? This is the lifestyle that historical women of Sanibel Island not only endured, but enjoyed. Since March is Women’s History Month, we took a look back at one of the most influential women in Sanibel’s history – […]

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Legends of Sanibel’s Pirate Past

Florida is said to have more sunken treasure than anywhere else in the world. Conflicting accounts of pirate legends are surrounded in mystery, leaving many unanswered questions and speculations about our state’s pirate past, particularly in Sanibel. Sanibel’s pirate tales are richer than the island’s crystal sand. The area including Sanibel and the surrounding barrier […]

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Way Back When: The History of Sanibel

If you want to be able to appreciate all that Sanibel has to offer, you’ll need to know its story. Join us as we take a look back at some of the most important events of the area’s history and how they each played a part in making Sanibel what it is today. The 1500s-1700s: […]

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What’s in a Name? De-mystifying Island Names in the Sanibel Area

The Sanibel area has an intriguing history, chock-full of everything from pirates and explorers to prisons and hurricanes. Such a fascinating story brings with it a tale behind every name. Let’s take a step back and see what lies behind the island names we’ve come to know. Sanibel For starters, the name Sanibel itself has […]

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