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Dry Boat Storage

Royal Shell Port Sanibel Marina dry storage for boatsDry storage in the Royal Shell Port Sanibel Marina boat house has a 20-foot diameter cupola, 23 dormers, columns, Bahama shutters and an EIFS stucco exterior, surrounded by a brick paver parking lot and working areas. Our state-of-the-art Wiggins Forklift moves and lifts watercrafts, up to 14,000 pounds, in and out of the facility. We can house up to 135 boats ranging in size up to 34 feet. Check out the price to dry store your boat!

Wet Slips

Royal Shell Port Sanibel Marina boat rentals and storage in Fort Myers, Florida. Our wet slips are available for both long term and transient docking. The draft in the channel is 5 feet at mean low tide and 7 feet at mean high tide. Check Port Sanibel Marina wet slip pricing options, such as electric wet storage, boat house storage, long-term, seasonal and nightly!

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