Port Sanibel Marina


9 Tips for Getting the Most out of the Sanibel Farmers Market

Mother and daughter buying vegetables at farmer's market.

If you’re looking for fresh food grown from local farmers and unique crafts, there’s nothing quite like the experience of the Sanibel Farmers Market. You’ll be hitting one of the most popular and successful farmers markets in the area when you visit Sanibel Island. The Sanibel Island Farmer’s Market, located at Sanibel City Hall, sells […]

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Snook Fishing in Southwest Florida

Snook fishing brings anglers to Southwest Florida and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico year-after-year. This distinctive fish is most recognizable by the prominent black stripe the stretches down each of its side. Snook Fishing Information The bi-annual Snook fishing season each year in Gulf waters is Sept. 1st through Dec. 1st each year […]

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Romantic Fishing in Southwest Florida

If you want to surprise your significant other, don’t feed them a fancy dinner or buy them a bundle of roses. Instead, take them on a fishing charter. Endless ocean dancing for miles with the sea breeze blowing through your hair you as you explore new areas of Southwest Florida, together…Now, that is romance! Fishing Charters […]

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Kayak Fishing Gear 101

Sanibel Island made national news this month when local kayak angler  Jon Black reeled in the catch of a lifetime.  Headlines read something along the lines of “Southwest Florida Man Reels in 552-Pound Goliath Grouper From Kayak.” Beyond 10 seconds of fame, he also broke a world record for “Largest Kayak Bottom Fish” ever caught. You […]

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Fingers O’Bannon Memorial Snook Fishing Tournament

Tour guides from Port Sanibel Marina participated in this past weekend’s 21st Annual Fingers O’Bannon Memorial Snook Fishing Tournament, which started Thursday, April 24th and ended Saturday, April 26th. This prestigious invite-only tournament is dedicated to the life and memory of the late Floyd “Fingers” O’Bannon. Born October 10, 1926, Fingers O’Bannon became famous for […]

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Manatee Appreciation Day

Manatees are just one of many species that you will spot swimming in Sanibel’s waterways. From April to October, manatees can be seen throughout the warm shallow waters of southwest Florida. Then when the weather cools down, they begin heading for freshwater springs, where the temperatures remain around 70 degrees year round. Local Manatees In […]

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Remembering Esperanza Woodring for Women’s History Month

Can you imagine dredging through Florida’s steamy summer months with NO air conditioning, insect repellent or sun screen? This is the lifestyle that historical women of Sanibel Island not only endured, but enjoyed. Since March is Women’s History Month, we took a look back at one of the most influential women in Sanibel’s history – […]

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Spring Break in Sanibel for 20-Somethings

Sick of spending spring break on crowded beaches, littered with beer cans and party-hardy freshmen? Don’t suffer through another year of barhopping along sketchy boardwalks, guzzling overpriced beer and feasting on fast-food. Visit Sanibel Island for shell-sprinkled shorelines, beach cruising, water sporting, wildlife sightings, tropical drinks, and flavorful food – not to mention breathtaking sunsets! […]

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