Snook Fishing in Southwest Florida

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Snook fishing brings anglers to Southwest Florida and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico year-after-year. This distinctive fish is most recognizable by the prominent black stripe the stretches down each of its side.

Snook Fishing Information

The bi-annual Snook fishing season each year in Gulf waters is Sept. 1st through Dec. 1st each year and also March 1st to May 1st. The average size of a Snook is between 3-15 pounds. However Florida is known for a record catch of just over 44 pounds near Ft. Myers.

Snook Fishing

The Snook caught on our fishing charters often weigh above the average weight of 5 to 15 pounds.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission asks Snook anglers to save the filleted carcasses at participating bait and tackle stores or so scientists can collect data like size, age, maturity, and gender of the catch. In the local area, the nearest drop off location is The Bait Box, 1041 Periwinkle Way on Sanibel Island.

Gearing Up for Snook Fishing

Before you head out to fish for the day in the Gulf of Mexico, there are a few things you’ll need to know about fishing for Snook.

  • Gear: Only use Hook & Line gear. Snagging is strictly prohibited in Florida.
  • Size Limit: Must be no less than 28-inches and no greater than 33-inches total length.
  • Bag Limit: 1 fish per person per day.
  • License: Must have a recreational fishing license and a Snook permit.

Let our boat captains with the Port Sanibel Marina Fishing Charter help plan your fishing excursion.

Huge snook caught on Endless Summer Charters in the Sanibel Island area of Southwest Florida.

If a Snook bites your line, make sure to have someone take a photo of you with it since it’s mostly a catch-and-release fishery. If you share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, don’t forget to tag us @portsanibel!

Best Snook Fishing Spots

Snook tend to thrive in warm, tropical water and anglers can typically catch them by casting a fishing line near the pilings for bridges and piers. Other favorite hangouts are mangrove shorelines, grassy inlets and sandbars to name a few.

6 Fun Facts About Snook Fishing

  • Good Snook bait includes pinfish, small mullet, shrimp, or sardines.
  • Snook can jump completely out of the water.
  • Snook are born as males but upon reaching 18 inches to 22 inches some will become female.
  • Known as “ambush feeders”, Snook position themselves to swim facing the current in order to catch oncoming prey.
  • Snook have sharp gill covers.
  • Fresh water or saltwater, Snook can thrive in both environments.

Reel in Snook with award-winning fishing charters on the waters of Fort Myers in Southwest Florida.

Learn More About Snook Fishing

For all your gear to head out for a fun day of Snook fishing, visit our Ship Store and our Charter captains can help you get everything you’ll need. Contact Port Sanibel Marina at (239)437-1660 to schedule a charter or rent a boat. Also make sure to share your photos with us on social media.