Top 8 Sanibel Island Experiences You Need to Try

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Sanibel Island is an island paradise that washes away your problems as soon as your feet hit the sand and you experience your first sunset drop into the Gulf. To experience all that Southwest Florida has to offer, make sure you try all of our top eight Sanibel Island experiences this year.

Experience a Sanibel Shelling Adventure

A shell haven for more than 250 species of shells, Sanibel Island is the shelling capital of the world. If you are new to the shelling game, you will quickly learn how fun it is to search for shells and sand dollars on the area’s coastline. Follow our shelling guide and learn how to find the sand dollar.

Search for Manatees and Dolphins

Celebrating manatees, also known as the state’s giant sea cow, is a daily ritual in Southwest Florida. This time of year the manatees are actively moving to warmer areas and shallow waters to stay warm and to regulate their body temperatures. Learn more about manatees to be informed before your search.

Dolphins can be found any time of the year in the Intracoastal Waterway or the Gulf of Mexico. You are likely to spot dolphins jumping in the air behind boat wakes or just for fun! Get out on a boat and see these creatures and other awesome marine life in the area.

Kayak the Sanibel Mangrove Ecosystem

The Sanibel Island and Fort Myers, Florida mangrove ecosystem is one of the largest and most beautiful natural treasures in the entire country. Kayaking or canoeing through Sanibel mangroves in Southwest Florida is peaceful, relaxing and eye-opening. Learn how to explore the Sanibel mangrove ecosystem and utilize these kayaking paddling trails and safety tips.

dolphins jumping

You are likely to spot dolphins jumping in the air behind boat wakes or just for fun.

Utilize the Sanibel Island Bike Paths

If you are an avid bicyclist, Sanibel Island welcomes you with open arms and more than 22 miles of paved bike trails amidst beautiful tropical surroundings. Grab your bike as we map out your Sanibel Island bike trail routes.

Go Island Hopping

Sanibel Island is the must visit stop to get you started in vacation mode. One you are here, make a commitment to do some exploring on nearby islands only accessible by boat. Enjoy Captiva Island, Boca Grande and Pine islands all by boat today by doing some island hopping!

Take Advantage of Fresh Seafood Restaurants

Fresh seafood and nightly sunsets from waterfront dining locations go hand in hand on Sanibel Island. Sanibel Island has the Florida fresh seafood offerings to satisfy your seafood cravings. Make sure you hit up these seven must stops for fresh seafood on Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Island experiences

Plan your trip to Florida soon to start making your Sanibel Island experiences.

Book Your Sanibel Island Experiences Visit

Make plans to stay awhile on your next trip to Sanibel Island to have all of these paradise experiences. Rent a fully furnished condominium at Royal Shell Vacation Rentals or Sundial Beach Resort & Spa.

Sundial guests that stay two nights get a third night for free and a free half-day boat rental from Port Sanibel Marina.

Rent a Boat on Sanibel Island

Celebrate your vacation in style on Sanibel Island by renting a boat today at Port Sanibel Marina. You can also rent a kayak or a canoe to do some more intimate boating among the area’s mangroves and parks. You can also schedule a charter for some serious fishing or book a leisure eco tour or sunset cruise. Call us at (239) 437-1660 to plan your water sports activities today!