7 Items to Bring to the Beach

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It’s summer time on Sanibel Island, which is a great time to head to the beach and soak up the sun and enjoy the calm Gulf of Mexico. We’ve got the 7 items you need to help make that beach trip to Sanibel Island absolutely perfect.


The summer season on Sanibel Island calls for lots of sun and breezes that make the temperature deceiving. Take a large umbrella or a tent that protects you from harsh UV rays and allows the kids a place to cool off, eat lunch or take a nap. Make sure you bring along an easy to use beach umbrella anchor that keeps that umbrella firmly in place even in the strongest of coastal winds.

Umbrella Tip: The umbrella can also act as an X marks the spot location so pick one that’s unique! You can use it to find your spot on the beach or from the water.

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We’ve got 7 items you need to make that beach trip to Sanibel Island absolutely perfect.


A cooler is a must have item on the beach. It keeps your beverages, snacks, lunch and other items that must stay cool protected.

Cooler Tip: Freeze your waters and juice boxes, which act as ice to keep everything else cool.


Portable wagons are the new must have item on the beach for families. The nylon-made wagons can pop open in a cinch and can haul your coolers, chairs, umbrellas and more.

Wagon Wheel Tip: Get one with four wheels and you’ll be able to maneuver through the sand like a champ and be the envy of other beachgoers.

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Take a large umbrella or a tent that protects you from harsh UV rays.

Beach Chairs

Don’t forget a place to sit if you’re not the beachgoer who likes to lie on a towel on the sand all day. Bring along tilting reclining chairs for those still looking to sunbathe. Standalone fold up chairs are for those that like to relax under the umbrella and catch up on their reading.

Beach Chair Tip: Looking to cool off? Don’t be afraid to place a chair in the water along the shore and enjoy the best of both worlds.

A Fitted Sheet

Flip the fitted sheet upside down and use your cooler and heavy bags to hold the fitted sheet in place at all four corners. With the fitted sheet walls now facing upward, you’ve just create a sand barrier protection zone for your family and your beach items. You’re welcome.

Family making a sand castle

Bring plenty of buckets and shovels to keep the kids busy building a sand castle.

Sand Toys

If you have kids, you can’t forget the buckets, shovels and any other items that will keep them busy while they’re on the beach. Bring along some inflatable balls, or a Velcro ball and mitt set to toss the ball around on the sand or in the water. The buckets also work great to hold shells you’ll find while shelling on the beach of the seashell capital of the world. Read our blogs on how to find the perfect shells and how to find the sand dollar on Sanibel Island.

Sand Castle Making Tip: Want to impress the kids and be able to shovel sand quicker than anyone else as you build a sand castle and a moat? Bring along a pair of Handtrux, which scoops up more than double the sand than a regular shovel.

Vacation Vault

Are you hesitant about taking a dip in the water and leaving your keys, wallet, cell phone and other valuables alone on the beach? There are a variety of different options now to keep your belongings safe on the beach. Several companies offer small beach safes made out of durable material that are locked with combination locks.

If you’re looking for other ideas for a family beach trip, read our blog on 7 beach tips for families to make your beach day go smoothly.

Rent a Boat

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