7 Beach Tips for Families this Spring

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There’s not a better way to celebrate spring on Sanibel Island than heading to the beach with your family. The temperature is perfect, both on the beach and in the Gulf of Mexico.

For a relaxing day on the beach, we’ve got 7 beach tips for families this spring that will help you make it a perfect beach day on Sanibel Island.

Protection From the Sun

The Gulf breeze and lower humidity in the spring makes the sun deceiving. You’re not hot so you’re not getting burnt, right? Wrong. No matter how cool or cloudy it is, if you’re on the beach, you need to stay protected from the sun. Take plenty of suntan lotion and remember to reapply as directed. Double up your protection by taking a large umbrella or tent that protects you from those pesky UV rays while the kids play in the sand or take their afternoon nap undercover.

family on the beach

Double up your sun protection by taking a large umbrella that protects you from those pesky UV rays.

Optimal Times to Hit the Beach

If you want to beat the heat and the sun’s strongest rays, get there in the morning and enjoy the beach before noon or get there at 3 p.m. and enjoy dusk and an amazing sunset while you take advantage of great shelling opportunities on Sanibel Island.

Bathroom Options

It doesn’t matter if they went to the bathroom before you left for the beach. Those kids instinctively have to go as soon as you sit down in that beach chair to relax. Prepare by taking a traveling potty for the younger ones. Always know where the closest bathroom is for the older children too. Mark your spot on the beach close to a public restroom location.

Food and Drink Options

Just had breakfast or lunch before you hit the beach? It doesn’t matter. Those kids work up an appetite and get thirsty swimming and building sand castles! Come prepared with a well-stocked cooler full of snacks, juice boxes and a few adult beverages too. Freeze some juice boxes the night before and you have instant ice packs for the cooler.

family playing on the beach

If you want to beat the heat and the sun’s strongest rays, get on the beach at 3 p.m. and enjoy dusk and an amazing sunset.

Beach Day Musts

The sand and water are huge play toys for children. But if you’re committed to spending the day at the beach, you need to come prepared. You’ll want to bring:

  • Shovels and buckets that are big enough to bury dad and build a big sand castle
  • Rafts and boogie boards for the water
  • Frisbees and water balls to toss on the beach and in the water
  • Super soakers if you’re brave enough to let the kids have them
  • Beach towels to dry off and beach chairs to sit in

Beach Compatible Transportation is a Must

So now that we’ve told you to bring everything from beach chairs to tents, how are you going to drag it all onto the beach? Don’t worry. We have you covered. A nylon collapsible wagon with sturdy wheels can traverse the sand with ease and get all your belongings onto the beach spot of your choice in one trip. The other parents making several trips dragging and dropping stuff on the way to the beach will be jealous.

Sand Cleaning Trick

Now it’s time to head home and you’re dreading the pounds of sticky white sand the kids are going to shed all over your car. They won’t bring any sand into the car if you remember this simple trick. Remember those large buckets we told you to bring? Fill them up with Gulf water or beach shower stations before you leave. Wash the kids’ arms, legs and feet before they get in the car and you’re off and running in a sand-free car.

Now that you’re equipped to handle the beach like a pro, you’ll want to book some time to schedule some other great Sanibel Island water activities, a boat cruise and a tour at Port Sanibel Marina! Give us a call at 239-437-1660 to plan your trip today.