Organizing Your Tackle Box

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Improve your luck on the water by getting your tackle box organized, clean and in order for your next fishing adventure in Southwest Florida.

Keep it Clean

Fishing can get messy, and let’s face it, sometimes tackle boxes get knocked around. Keeping your tackle box clean is the first step to keeping it organized. Reorganize your tackle box each time you go fishing. Dispose of any broken or tarnished equipment. To keep your tackle box clean, we recommend bringing a secure waste container on the water. Securing and disposing of trashed equipment will keep your tackle box clean and keep litter out of the beautiful waters of Southwest Florida

Convenience is Key

Have you ever lost your keys when you need to be somewhere? There is nothing worse than not having access to what you need, when you need it. Especially, when you miss out on a HUGE catch because you couldn’t find what you needed in your tackle box. You want to have hooks, lures and bait organized for what will be most convenient for you. Many anglers even have multiple tackle boxes to better organize their equipment.

Here are different ways to place equipment for improved convenience:

  • By type of fish
  • By most used
  • By type of equipment
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Tips to keep your tackle box organized and ready for fishing.

Replenish and Replace

The best way to keep up with the inventory of your tackle box is to make note it. There are different ways to do this:

  • Label each cubby divide
  • Place a label and pencil inside the lid
  • Make a not on your phone
  • Record what you need when you clean it or before your next fishing adventure

Multiple Tackle Boxes

Tackle boxes should be organized for what best works for your fishing technique and style. Some anglers even use multiple tackle boxes, which we encourage if you have a lot of equipment.

Fishing Tips and Marina Information

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