Accomplish Your Nature-Related Resolutions This Year

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Spend more time in nature. Is this New Year’s Resolution on your list for 2016? If not, it should be and here’s why. Spending time in nature has so many benefits, like reduced stress, improving fitness to getting a daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun!

Here are a few we think will be easy to stick to, especially those centered on the pristine landscape of Southwest Florida.

  • Enjoy Island Life – Although Sanibel Island is by far the most popular in the region, there are others that visitors will find fascinating. Make a quick trip to explore charming Captiva. Arriving by boat is the best way to reach Boca Grande and Pine islands. So set sail and stay a while.
  • See the Sights by Canoe or Kayak – Get one on one with the water and the environment by checking out the many hideaways like area lagoons and rivers. Spend a few hours or the entire day checking things out. You’ll likely lose track of time so a follow-up trip will be a must.
  • Learn to Fish – The area is known for bass and Snook fishing. If you are a fishing novice, check out the number of fishing charters we offer. The more you practice the better you’ll become. It’s a thrill to showcase your catch of the day!
  • Boat Often – The waters of the Gulf of Mexico beckons one to spend as much time boating as possible. Bring your own boat or make plans to borrow one of ours. Start out planning to go on the boat once or twice a month and increase from there. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Go Shelling – You’re in the seashell capital! Coming to this area and not going shelling for even a few minutes is a wasted opportunity. The gems of the sea are plentiful and there are plenty of chances to have a guided excursion or go solo. Then check out the Bailey-Matthews National Seashell Museum to learn more about the treasures you’ve collected.
  • Discover Dolphins — The waters of the Southwest Florida’s Gulf of Mexico are home to a variety of wildlife including fun-to-watch dolphins. If you’ve never spotted one in the wild, get ready for an exhilarating experience. They are very friendly so they may even squeak back a hello if they spot you!
  • Plan to Visit & Repeat – If you are like most, visiting Sanibel and Southwest Florida will become a destination of choice whenever the opportunity arises. So get your calendar out and highlight the days you want to be here and make them happen.

Port Sanibel Marina offers a variety of amenities to experience Southwest Florida.

 Here’s to an entire year to accomplish your nature-related resolutions this year on this list. Let us here at Port Sanibel Marina know how we can help accommodate your time in the area to fulfill your resolutions. Whether it’s renting a boat, booking a fishing charter or an eco-tour, we have a variety of amenities to fit your needs. Contact our staff at 239-437-1600, or connect on Facebook or Twitter.