5 Anti-Aging Activities on Sanibel Island

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If you’re in good health and good spirits but feel compelled to act a certain way because of your age, we advise you to throw caution to the wind and live a little. There’s not a better spot to rebel, try new things and act the way you feel than on Sanibel Island. We’ve got 5 anti-aging activities on Sanibel Island to help you stay young.

Rent a Boat or a Paddleboard

Sanibel Island offers boat rentals and tours, a huge ecosystem with tons of wildlife to see and amazing sunsets. Make a point to get a rental boat, rev the motor and cruise The Intracoastal Waterway in search of dolphin. Look for the perfect spot to anchor and watch the sunset on the water while you sip some wine, that is of course if you’re old enough for wine. If you’re feeling more rebellious or want to burn off some energy and get a workout, other options include kayaking, wind surfing and paddleboarding. C’mon, you only live once.

Go Shelling

Reignite a fond childhood memory by finding some of the most amazing shells around. You can spend a day collecting shells on Sanibel Island, which has a shoreline littered with more than 250 different species of shells. So bring a few buckets and try to head out at low tide or after a storm, which is the best time to find shells making their way to the coastline.

a couple waterfront dining

Sanibel Island is a foodie’s paradise that offers a ton of waterfront dining.

Enjoy Fresh Seafood

Sanibel Island is a foodie’s paradise for fresh seafood. Wine and dine yourselves in waterfront restaurants like The Lighthouse Waterfront Restaurant and other dining establishments. Sanibel restaurants are also known for their cocktails and local craft beers on tap so enjoy your adventurous spirit by treating yourself to a cocktail or two.

Schedule a Charter

If you’re really going to take advantage of  Sanibel Island anti-aging activities, you need to spend a day with someone who knows the island and can find you the best places to eat, fish and spot wildlife. Booking a charter ensures the best way to find the finest saltwater fishing spots. Charters also stop at the best shelling locations and can drop you off at Cabbage Key for lunch. An eco-tour also ensures your captain takes you to the best spots to get face to face with dolphins, manatees and seabirds.

A couple enjoying anti-aging activities like riding bikes on the beach

Be sure to rent a bike and explore the bicycle-friendly town of Sanibel Island.

Let’s Go Ride a Bike

Remember when you were a kid and your bike was all you needed to get around town? Luckily for you Sanibel Island is a biking hotspot. Locals and visitors are known for taking their bikes everywhere, whether it’s to the farmer’s market for fresh vegetables or a night on the town to enjoy a dinner of fresh seafood. Be sure to rent a bike and explore what Sanibel has to offer by using this simplistic form of transportation.

Now that you know how to celebrate a day that should have Frank Sinatra’s “You Make Me Feel So Young” song playing on loop all day long, you’ll want to book all of your Sanibel Island water activities, boat cruises and tours at Port Sanibel Marina! Give us a call at 239-437-1660 to plan your trip today.

“Act as young as you feel. You’re not getting older; you’re getting more entitled to be your fabulous self.”

– Gwen Stefani