8 Great Ideas for Seashell Christmas Decorations

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Bring the beach to you this holiday season with some festive seashell Christmas decorations! Play your favorite Christmas songs as we outline the best seashell Christmas decorations to keep your mind on Sanibel Island and Fort Myers in Southwest Florida this season.

Seashell Christmas Tree

Get your beach craftiness on by making a seashell Christmas tree with a variety of shells you can find only in Southwest Florida. All you need is a hot glue gun and a foam tree outline from a local crafts store. Try putting larger shells on the bottom and layering your shells as you affix them higher on the tree with some glue. Glue the tiny shells near the top and add a small starfish to the top to complete your masterpiece.

You can also make trees specific to one type of shell such as oyster shell trees or mussel shell trees. Check out some beachy seashell Christmas trees to find some examples.

Seashell Christmas Tree Ornaments

Are you looking to make some seashell Christmas tree ornaments using shells you have found from the beaches of Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach? Here’s an easy one. First, purchase round, clear glass Christmas tree ornaments. Fill partially with white sand from Sanibel Island and top with your favorite shells from your latest sea shelling excursion. Add a bit of gold ribbon and voila! A little bit of Sanibel Island beach on your tree brings a lot of serenity and joy to your Christmas season. Here are some other seashell Christmas tree ornament ideas to create a beach décor tree this year.

seashell Christmas decorations

Get your beach craftiness on by making a seashell Christmas tree with a variety of shells you can find only in Southwest Florida.

Seashell Garland

Deck the halls with seashell garland! Complete that beach-themed tree with seashell garland using smaller shells found in Southwest Florida. Drill small holes in the shells and string them up along with some sand dollars and starfish combinations to create seashell garland that can be strung on the tree, the mantle or anywhere else in your home to create a beach-themed Christmas. Use a slightly larger drill bit if you want to use festive gold ribbon as the string.

Shell Wreaths

Shell wreaths are a simple and unique way to bring the beach to your home. You will need approximately 200 shells and several glue sticks to complete this craft. Purchase a 16-inch foam wreath ring and use a hot glue gun and an ivory ribbon to create a shell wreath masterpiece that your friends and family will love. Get some seashell wreath inspiration to find the design you are looking for.

Seashell Angels

Are you seeking to make a different holiday seashell decoration for the tree or somewhere else in your home? Make a seashell angel, which can also stay up in your home all year long. All you need is a medium-sized cockle shell to act as the angel’s skirt and two small cockle shells to act as the wings. A wooden bead acts as the head and a red ribbon and a glue gun helps bring the whole crafty creation together. Find some seashell angel decorations your entire family can do together.

Christmas Beach Décor

Seashell decorations go perfectly with a nautical or tropical Christmas theme. Try some of these Christmas beach décor ideas:

  • A beach themed Christmas table complete with shells, white bulbs and gold garland.
  • A turquoise sea coastal Christmas tree theme
  • A Driftwood Christmas tree theme
  • Lighted palm trees in your front yard
  • A beach cottage-themed Gingerbread house

Brainstorm Christmas beach décor ideas to come up with your own theme.

seashell Christmas tree

Enjoy some time on Sanibel Island this winter and become a seashell Christmas decorations expert.

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