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The FAQs on Florida Stone Crab Season

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There are two events in the Sunshine State that mark the return of fall and early winter in Florida: The return of cooler weather and the Florida stone crab season. . Stone crab season in Florida runs Oct. 15 through May 15. Those delicious stone crab claws that visitors of Sanibel and Fort Myers crave can only be harvested during that time. Follow our guide for harvesting and eating Florida stone crabs.

How Do I Get a Saltwater Fishing License?

Recreational crab fishers seeking to use traps during Florida stone crab season must have a valid recreational saltwater fishing license. Each state has different age and license requirements for boaters. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) requires Florida residents and visitors to have a $17 saltwater fishing license. There are FWC license exemptions that visitors and part-time Florida residents can qualify for though. You can purchase licenses at your local tax collector’s office.

What Are the Stone Crab Harvest Basics?

A baited trap is the main stone crab harvest method used both for commercial and recreational fishers. Some adventurous recreational fishers use their bare hands to catch stone crabs while using scuba or snorkel gear. It’s best to place traps near depressions or rocks where stone crabs can be lurking and hiding. You can review FWC stone crab fishing tips to learn more.

Florida stone crab season limits: Recreational crab fishers are limited to five traps per person. You can catch one gallon of stone crab claws per person as a recreational crabber, or 2 gallons of stone crab claws per vessel, whichever is less.

stone crab claw

Stone crabs can live several years and regenerate their claws, which take about a year to grow back.

How Do I Measure Stone Crab Claws?

When measuring stone crab claws, the size of the claw is measured by the length of the propodus. What’s the propodus, you ask? It’s the larger immovable part of the claw.

Legal-sized claws are 70 millimeters (2 and ¾ inches) or greater in propodus length. The measurement is taken from the base of the propodus (at the joint of the elbow) to the outer tip of the propodus.

The largest male claws are approximately 140 millimeters, or approximately 5 and ½ inches long. The largest female claws are about 120 millimeters, or 4 and ¾ inches.

How Do I Distinguish Male and Female Stone Crabs?

The best way to tell apart male and female stone crabs is to remember this phrase: “Wide females and tall males.”

Female stone crabs have wider abdomens. Male stone crabs have long, narrow abdomens.

harvested stone crab

Once you’ve caught stone crabs that have legal-size claws, it’s time to remove the claw without killing the crab.

How Do I Harvest Stone Crab Claws?

Once you’ve caught stone crabs that have legal-size claws to harvest, it’s time to remove the claw without killing the crab. Grab a claw with your fingers, and hold the body firmly between your hands. Press the claw down and away from the body. Using constant pressure, the crab should drop its claw. You’ve done it right if the break is clean.

Do Stone Crab Claws Grow Back?

Stone crabs can live several years and regenerate their claws, which take about a year to grow back. If a human, predator or a fish take hold of the claw, the crab knows how to release, or unhinge its claw and get away. The crab then works to grow its claw back, which is why you can typically find stone crabs with claws of different sizes.

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If you are looking to eat stone crabs cooked to perfection during stone crab season, the area of Sanibel Island and Fort Myers has you covered.

Where Can I Find Places to Eat Stone Crabs?

If you are looking to eat harvested stone crabs cooked to perfection, the area of Sanibel Island and Fort Myers has you covered with a variety of restaurants serving fresh stone crabs during Florida stone crab season.

Here are a few must-stop fresh seafood locations to visit during Florida stone crab season:

Fort Myers Stone Crab Restaurants:

Sanibel Island Stone Crab Spots:

Plan Your Florida Stone Crab Season Adventure

Now that you have the information you need for the Florida stone crab season, it’s time to plan your water sports activities at Port Sanibel Marina.

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