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9 Redfish Fishing Tips Along Florida’s Coast

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October is the start of redfish fishing season along the coast of Sanibel Island and Fort Myers. If you are seeking to take advantage of redfish fishing in Florida, grab some bait as we teach you the 9 fishing tips you need to become a redfish fishing pro.

Head to the Mangrove Islands

Redfish fishing is heating up along Fort Myers and Sanibel Island, according to Capt. Bill Hammond of Endless Summer Charters, which operates charters from Port Sanibel Marina.

Hammond is urging fishers to look for copper redfish near mangrove islands in and around Sanibel Island and Pine Island Sound.

“Consistent action can be found near mangrove islands on the high and falling tides with large schools working the flats and bars during the low tide while fishing Sanibel Fort Myers Beach and Captiva islands,” Hammond says.

Book a fishing charter through Port Sanibel Marina with Captain Hammond to experience this great fishing destination.

Follow the Tide

Redfish have a tendency to hang out in interior marshes searching for nutrients and smaller prey. As the tide rises during high tide, it forces the redfish up and out of marshy areas to look for food elsewhere. Look for shallow spots during high tide and you should find an abundance of redfish. Follow the tides with a local tide chart.

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October is the start of redfish fishing season along the coast of Sanibel Island and Fort Myers.

Use Your Depth Finder

Use a depth finder to find redfish hiding in drop-off spot of anywhere from 10- to 30-feet. Good spots to look include drop-offs that are usually found near fishing inlets and passes.

Stalk Your Redfish Prey Quietly

Redfish have a tendency to act like they want to be caught and then they dart away right when you think they will take the bait. To catch them off guard, cut your boat motor and drift quietly to your redfish fishing location. If the boat is creating large waves, you’re likely scaring away redfish.

Redfish Fishing Casting Tip: Don’t be afraid to cast a line at redfish scurrying out of the way of the presence of your boat. Sometimes they react to the boat by taking your bait.

Look in the Rocks

Go to the rocks. Redfish love to hang out near rocks because rocks alter the current and tide flow and they can find more baitfish and crabs in the area. Rocks also keep the water warmer in the area so they hang out there to regulate their body temperature when the water gets cooler.

Go Redfish Fishing After Storms

After stormy weather, redfish are known to swim aggressively through local waters, making it an ideal time to go fishing. When the water is calm after a storm, grab your tacklebox and hit the water to find active redfish.

Redfish Fishing is Plentiful During Full Moons

Redfish and other fish are more active during a full moon, making full moon fishing a great ime to catch redfish that are ready to jump into your boat when the full moon makes them come alive.  Use a moon chart to plan your next redfish full moon fishing trip accordingly.

Redfish caught on Texas Gulf Coast

Now that you have the tips you need to find the elusive redfish, it’s time to schedule your fishing charter at Port Sanibel Marina.

Redfish Fishing Lures

Capt. Hammond recommends using big chunks of lady fish as live bait to catch redfish. Hammond also recommends fishing live pilchards (small silver bait ranging from 2” to 6”) with knocker rigs under the bushes and potholes.

“Then cruise the flats of Sanibel on the low tides looking for large schools pushing water or tailing,” Hammond said. “Free lining baits as well as using a float to keep baits off the bottom is a must.”

Plan a Redfish Fishing Trip with Port Sanibel Marina

Now that you have the tips you need to find the elusive redfish, it’s time to schedule your fishing charter at Port Sanibel Marina. With cooler temperatures on their way, Capt. Hammond expects redfish fishing to be popular in the area into December. Rent a boat or schedule a charter with Capt. Hammond today to teach you the tricks of the trade when it comes to redfish fishing. You can book an Endless Summer Charter with Capt. Hammond by calling (239) 691 1966 or booking today online.

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