7 Great Reasons to Choose Saltwater Fishing

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The Gulf of Mexico is a saltwater fishing paradise off the shores of beautiful Sanibel Island. Florida offers fishers great boating, fishing and fishing charter opportunities. We’ve got the 7 reasons saltwater fishing off Sanibel Island is a fantastic choice.

More Fishing Variety

If you’re a fan of switching up ways to fish to catch different fish, saltwater fishing is your sport. Just a few options for saltwater fishing include:

  • Surf fishing
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Pier fishing
  • Charter boat fishing
  • Scuba fishing
  • Snorkel fishing

Bigger Fish

Saltwater fish are usually larger than freshwater fish. Those that like to catch aggressive fish that feed more people want to fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

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We’ve got the 8 reasons saltwater fishing off Sanibel Island is a fantastic choice.

Fish Variety

There are so many more species of freshwater fish you can search for in saltwater. Whether you’re looking to catch a mammoth grouper or go shark hunting, saltwater fishing has you covered.

Bigger Boat

If you’re a fan of large boats, saltwater fishing is the way to go. Larger, more durable boats that can withstand the waves and the saltwater are what you need in the oceans. More space for friends is also a big plus.

Bait Options Abound

If you’re the type of fisher that likes to switch up their bait to find certain type of fish, saltwater fishing has you covered. Shrimp, eels, soft crabs and more can be put on your hook in saltwater!

More Water

There are simply more saltwater fishing waters than freshwater fishing spots. This means you have miles and miles of ocean to find spots to catch a variety of saltwater fish.

saltwater fishing deep sea adventure

Deep sea fishing is a popular saltwater fishing choice.

Saltwater Fishing Adventure

Sharks. Fish with razor sharp teeth. Fish that grab your line so fast and furiously that you might fall over if you’re not prepared to reel them in at a moment’s notice. If just the thought of all this excites you, you’re a saltwater fisher who enjoys the adventure as much as the end result.

Now that you’re ready for a saltwater fishing adventure off the shores of Sanibel Island, it’s time to plan your Sanibel Island water activities. Rent a boat or schedule a fishing charter at Port Sanibel Marina. If you need a place to stay for a fishing trip with friends and family, book your fully furnished condo stay at Royal Shell Vacation Rentals. Give us a call at (239) 437-1660 to plan your trip and water sports activities today.