15 Boat Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves the Water

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Owning a boat is more than making an investment. It’s a whole lifestyle. Do you have a friend or family member who owns a boat and loves the water? This means you’ll find our list of boat gift ideas handy when it’s time to celebrate a birthday or holiday.

These boat gift ideas will help you find something to give a boater that they are sure to enjoy. From high-tech gadgets like GPS and fish finders to dock line and boat rope, there are many things boaters will appreciate unwrapping.

Browse our list of 15 boat gift ideas and find something special for the mariner in your life.

What to Get Someone Who Loves Their Boat

What to Get Someone Who Loves Their Boat

It’s a fact: For many boat owners, their vessel is their baby. People who love their boat are a special breed and might love gifts like maintenance supplies, accessories, and more. Here are 5 boat gifts ideas for someone who is in love with their craft.

1.   Boat Cleaning Supplies

If your boat-owning friend or family member truly loves their boat, keeping the boat clean and in good shape is likely a top priority. This means boat care and maintenance supplies can make a great gift idea.

What kind of boat cleaning supplies make great gifts? While opening a bottle of all-purpose cleaner doesn’t sound much like a celebration, consider putting together a “gift bucket” of some of the tools of the trade. Consider putting together a kit with microfiber cloths, a soft bristle brush, wash-and-wax type cleaner, non-skid deck wax, and liquid carnauba wax. Package it all in a bucket (which will also come in handy), and add a fun bow.

2.   Boat Scuff Erasers

You might find scuffs on marine surfaces no matter how carefully you baby your boat. Boat scuff erasers are an easy and chemical-free way to get rid of unsightly scuffs.

Similar to the erasers you might have in your home cleaning kit, boat scuff eraser sponges can effectively remove scuffs, as well as dirt and grime, from all kinds of surfaces on your boat. You’ll likely find boat scuff erasers are a perfect gift for anyone who loves keeping their vessel in ship shape.

3.   Dock Line and Boat Rope

Boat owners need a high-quality dock line and boat rope to keep their vessel secure when it is at the pier. They can go through these products quickly, as they can deteriorate with use. This means boaters can always use dock lines and boat ropes.

Consider gifting your boat-loving friend with a set of bungee rope dock lines. The bungee will keep your boat secure in mild weather at the tie-up. Chrisfly Bungee dock lines are popular among boaters and known for their durability.

4.   Insulated Wine Tote

If your friend loves their boat and wine, they’d likely love to be gifted an insulated tote made just for wine to take on the boat. Many of these coolers or insulated bags are leak-proof, which is perfect for preventing spills when the water gets choppy.

There are many good options for insulated wine totes on the market today. In addition to looking for a cooler that is leak-proof, consider gifting one with features like an expandable zipper and a water-proof exterior.

You can find great options for insulated wine totes on Amazon and even nautical-themed totes from Sailor Bags. You can also through in some of their favorite vino and a bottle opener for a complete gift.

5.   Shatterproof Wine Glasses

If you’re gifting the boat-lover in your life with a wine tote, consider leveling up your gift by adding some shatterproof wine glasses to the package.

Boaters need shatterproof glasses because they won’t break when they hit the deck if the water gets rough or the wind starts blowing. Shatterproof glass can prevent a mess and even prevent an injury.

Look for shatterproof glasses or cup holders from makers like Tervis, Vivocci Unbreakable, Govino, and others. Insulated stainless steel wine glasses, like those made by Yeti, are another great gift idea for the boat enthusiasts in your life.

These creature comforts for boaters can make great gifts. You can find many of these great gifts at Coastal Outfitters at Port Sanibel Marina. But sometimes it is best to get back to basics. Let’s look at a few must-haves that also make great boat gift ideas.

What Should Every Boat Owner Have

What Should Every Boat Owner Have?

There are a few must-haves every boat owner should have on board. Not only do these crucial items come in handy on the water, but they also make great gifts. Here are 5 gifts for boaters that will get good use onboard their vessel.

1.   Deck Shoes

Every boater needs a good pair of deck or boating shoes. These shoes need to be waterproof, provide great traction, be comfortable and have a non-scuffing outsole. Thankfully, it’s easy to find shoes that fit the bill, and are stylish too.

Some good options for deck shoes include the classic Sperry Top-Sider, Speedo Surf Walker, and even supportive flip-flops.

2.   Multi-Purpose Tool

Every boat captain or boat owner needs to right tools to enjoy their time on the water. A multi-purpose tool, also called a multitool, can come in handy in all kinds of situations. From making minor repairs and adjustments to cutting through nylon lines, the right multitool can help you get the job done.

Become a jack of all trades and save yourself from carrying a full toolkit in your pocket. Handy multitools include the Gerber Bear Grylls model, Wichard Offshore tool, Victorinox Angler and Swiss Champ, and the Leatherman Sidekick. All of these tools have features proven and boat-tested, and can easily be purchased online or at your local sporting goods store.

3.   Knot Tying Kit

Let your boating friend or family member learn the ropes of nautical knot tying by gifting them with a reference kit. These knot tying kits come in handy in all kinds of situations, as you’ll likely need to master a few boating and sailing knots before you head out to sea.

The best knot-tying kits come with ropes, a horn cleat to practice with, and a set of reference cards. Look for kits on Amazon or at a boating supply store.

4.   GPS Device

A GPS or marine navigation device is a must-have for any boater. Oceans and lakes really don’t have signposts and navigational helpers, so a GPS is essential for safety and getting around.

You’ll find marine navigation devices are different than what you have in your car. A good GPS device for a boat will act as a compass, make waypoints as you traverse the waters, and constantly update your position.

A few good GPS options for boaters include the Simrad Go7 XSE Chartplotter, Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro, Garmin Striker 4, and Garmin Echomap CHIRP. These devices can range in price from about $700 to over $3,000.

5.   Waterproof Speaker

A good waterproof speaker is another must-have gift for boaters. The right speaker will help your boating friend or family member make their own soundtrack to the sea so they can carry a tune as they enjoy their time on the water.

Some of the best waterproof speakers on the market in 2022 include the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, Sonas Roam, JBL Flip 5, Anker Soundcore Flare, and JBL Charge 4. Look for a speaker that is lightweight, has a long battery life and a wireless range offers USB charging and has an aux-in option.

Looking for more must-haves for boaters? Check out 8 more gift ideas for boaters.

What Do You Get a Boat Owner for Christmas

What Do You Get a Boat Owner for Christmas?

Exchanging gifts is part of what makes the holiday season special. Boat owners love opening gifts that reflect their passion for watercraft on Christmas morning. Here are 5 boat gift ideas that any mariner would be happy to unwrap.

1.   Stand Up Paddleboard

Though it might be hard to fit under the tree, a stand-up paddleboard is a great gift idea for a boater. SUP is becoming an increasingly popular water sport and these boards fit easily on most vessels. This makes a paddleboard a perfect stowaway that will let you get up close and personal with the water.

You’ll find lots of options for stand-up paddleboards on the market today. If the boater in your life is concerned about space onboard, consider an inflatable option. If you don’t want to get too spendy, you’ll find great budget options from iRocker. Other good options include those made by BOTE and ISLE.

2.   Inflatable Floating Dock

Let your favorite boater make their time anchored or at a sandbar, even more, relaxing with an inflatable floating dock. These docks give you extra room to stretch out and enjoy fun in the sun when you’re spending a day on the water.

Inflatable docks are portable and compact until filled with air, which means they won’t take up too much room on your vessel. They can be easily deflated after use, making storage simple. Many models of floating docks connect, which means you can link up with a friend and enjoy room for everyone.

Swimline is a popular manufacturer of floating docks. Check out Amazon or a local sporting goods store to find one.

3.   Portable Fish Finder

Boating and fishing go hand-in-hand. If your beloved boater wants to make the best catch, consider gifting them a high-tech fish finder.

What’s the best fish finder on the market today? Many angling experts praise the Lowrance HDS LIVE 12 Fish Finder/Chartplotter because its bright, high-resolution screen is easy to read in all conditions. Garmin also makes great fish finders.

Consider spending a little time reading reviews to help you find the perfect present.

4.   Headlamp

A handy headlamp can make boating at night safer and more enjoyable. It gets very dark when you’re out on the water after sundown and a good headlamp is essential.

Headlamps for boaters differ a little from the ones you might choose for hiking or running at night. Look for a headlamp that is rechargeable, waterproof, has a bright red light, and make sure it’s easy on the eyes by ensuring the red light comes on first.

Good headlamps for boaters include the Coleman CXS+ 300, Fenix HL60, and Exposure RAW. All of these lamps are bright and ready to go to work on the boat.

5.   Water Resistant Jacket

Ocean breezes can get chilly, even on sunny days. A good water-resistant jacket will keep your boating friend or family member warm and dry whatever the weather.

Coastal Outfitters, with 2 locations in Southwest Florida, is a great place to shop for boating gear and clothes. They offer performance wear from boating brands like Guy Harvey and PELAGIC.

Many boaters love zipping up PELAGIC’s Outrigger and Offshore jackets. Both of these styles are comfortable and lightweight but are still waterproof and resistant to the elements.

With so many great boat gift ideas, finding the perfect present for the captain in your life is an easy task.

Port Sanibel Marina Makes Boating Easy

Port Sanibel Marina Makes Boating Easy

Port Sanibel Marina, located in Fort Myers, is the perfect destination for boaters. This full-service marina offers everything needed for a fun time on the water.

There is so much to do at Port Sanibel Marina. Shop for items on your gift list for boaters at the on-site Coastal Outfitters and Ship Store. Enjoy waterfront dining at Lighthouse Restaurant. Keep your boat safe with dry storage or wet slips. Rent a boat or kayak for the day. Set out on a chartered fishing trip. With so many options, you’re sure to find a way to enjoy your time at Port Sanibel Marina.

Schedule a launch, check your reservation, or learn more about amenities at Port Sanibel Marina by contacting us today.