Snook Fishing Season 2014

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It’s time to get snook reeling, anglers! Snook fishing season officially kicked off on Labor Day, September 1st  in the Gulf waters of Southwest Florida. 

If you are unfamiliar with snook fishing or if you are interested in visiting Southwest Florida to try snook fishing in the area, we suggest hopping aboard a Port Sanibel Marina Fishing Charter. Take a look at these snook fishing photos, taken aboard Port Sanibel Marina’s Southern Instinct Charter and Catch Me If U Can Charter.

About Snook

The snook has a distinctive body shape with a tapered head and snout, under-bite, large fins and black stripe that runs the full length of the lateral line. The snook’s body is dark gray and silver with a yellow-colored fin, but coloration varies with the season and the snook’s habitat.

Where to Catch Snook

Snook can be found in the warm, tropical waters of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast of the Southern Peninsula of Florida. In Southwest Florida, snook can be found around mangrove pockets, piers, passes, inlets and sandbars. Our favorite local snook fishing spots include the Sanibel Fishing Pier and the causeway.

Snook Fishing Techniques

Live bait, such as shrimp, is the best way catch snook. For your convenience, Port Sanibel Marina has both live bait and boat rentals on-site. We suggest that anglers use the following techniques when fishing for snook in the area:

  • Still Fishing
  • Casting
  • Trolling
  • Drift Fishing

To find out more about fishing charters or snook fishing in the Sanibel-Fort Myers area, contact Port Sanibel Marina at (239) 437-1660.